YES! Executive Director Shilpa Jain, Cowry Collective Founder Chinyere Esther & the toes of POLLEN Institute Founder Maya Corinne in our St. Louis livingroom

YES! Executive Director Shilpa Jain, Cowry Collective Founder Chinyere Esther & the toes of POLLEN Institute Founder Maya Corinne in our St. Louis livingroom

 Chi feeds us so good

Chi feeds us so good

 St. Louis vibes

St. Louis vibes

 One of Chi's endless book piles inspire the work 

One of Chi's endless book piles inspire the work 

 Home ~ St. Louis Quaker Center

Home ~ St. Louis Quaker Center

 POLLEN's Chief Operating Partner JD Van Alstyne + Crypto Currency Author Ashoka Finley

POLLEN's Chief Operating Partner JD Van Alstyne + Crypto Currency Author Ashoka Finley

 castor, the vivid elder at her porch 

castor, the vivid elder at her porch 

 Great Barrington community Kraut Crafter Mark Phillips, Sustainable Economies Law Center's Director of Organization Resilience, Chris Tittle & Nourish International Executive Director JD Van Alstyne

Great Barrington community Kraut Crafter Mark Phillips, Sustainable Economies Law Center's Director of Organization Resilience, Chris Tittle & Nourish International Executive Director JD Van Alstyne

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There's an interview with Maya over on Annapurna Living this's a bit on welcoming the day & grounding in the chaos. You can read the rest, & dive into the lush community of our beloved POLLEN {i} alumni Carrie-Anne Moss, here.



Cuddling, with whoever appeared in my bed! I love warmth, skin and the smell of soft baby hair. We come from a matrilineal culture, where shared beds create a deep sense of trust, security, and accountability for the kids, with plenty of ease + power for the mother. I have vivid childhood memories of being freezing in San Francisco, with raccoons fighting outside the window, and running to my mom’s bed. Safe and sound. While everyone has their own beds and spaces, I want my children to have access to that same sense of warmth, comfort and security. Now that there’s four, they aren’t as interested in cozying up with me when they can dog pile, but we love to stay in the same room, sleeping by the fire Fall-thru-Spring. So I wake up and stoke the flames, adding a few logs. I light a couple of candles, put on the hot water and reheat the soup. It’s all about gentle brightness for all twelve senses. There’s a tune I hum, given to me by my baylan, my grandmother guides, as I cut lemons, smash garlic, onions, ginger and sprinkle cayenne for salabat. This is a Filipino medicinal tea that I drink with a bit of maple syrup each morning. It’s hardcore and takes me right into the moment, again, hitting each of the senses. Once I’m warmed up, I go feed our goats, turkey and chickens.


This happens a bit everyday…I pause. I go into my closet for space before I realize it’s no help. But I do it every time! If I have had a full day, the kitchen is a mess, and they expect a full fresh meal, I used to flip. Now I let them fend for themselves and hit the fields for sunset. My practice of twenty years is a barefoot medicine walk. I bring the greatfulness, with all of my questions and feelings. I don’t try to quiet my mind or do anything, but I stay open to tokens and auguries from the natural world and they always come, of course. If there is a burden I’m holding, I will lay down and let the Earth take on the weight. She always carries me. It’s an honor to be a daughter of Earth. In my tradition we leave offerings of service, and pray for support to fulfill the vision. So humility looks like putting it down and not ever carrying more than my piece. I’m not so good at that yet. But I’ve learned to call my women, my legacy keepers. They always, always make me laugh.

Read the rest...

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                             where I pray each day. caught by our sweet  dani cohen .

                            where I pray each day. caught by our sweet dani cohen.


Aloha, Dear Ones.

We're opening the doors to two MOONRISE|13 live online events, for just a minute. First, tho...

My oldest son just asked why I keep calling Saturn*s Sister a "project," when it actually is a business, a school, & a community with over 300k IG followers between us. Or CI, which is really an institute of doctors, healers & coaches. Or Jams, which support community leaders, activists, founders, & philanthropists in 65 countries. We were riding bikes, with hands full of fruit, rice noodles & kombucha. I had to stop & think about it.

The obvious answer is that I'm a whirling-dervish-type creative, *inspired,* whose brain works  better when there's a whole mess of magic flying everywhere, & thinks that juggling is fun, even though it sometimes means everyone is dropping balls. 

The real answer: your brightest impulse keeps me up at night. Literally, I am up because you are makING the world I dream, for MY OWN BOYS, mAHAL, LAKE, MAKAI & KING.

THIS allows me to think in economies, not businesses. In collective conversations & movements, not hustle. In multiple streams of sacred exchange, not personal finance. There's room for humanity in this model. For spaciousness. For learning curves. No one holds everything. Everyone holds each other.


* * *


We have lots of celebrations from our circle of alumni & collaborators today.  And we are opening the doors to our private Profit Plan Workshop & Masterclass, for the first time ever. 


*We can rule like Julia in her handmade Hysteria, Simplea & Drop Dead collections. It doesn't get more empress...


*We can hold both LOVE YOUR LADYLANDSCAPE & CODE RED in our laps! Thank you Lisa, we love you...


*We can Circle with Lakshmi, paying what we feel, and consider Art as Magic with Galia, a master of paint, travel journals, portraits & divinity... 


*We can dive into THE ART OF MONEY. Bari is a teacher I recommend wholeheartedly. And the cover photographer Dani is one of our own. Family. She took that one of me, above, last weekend...


*We can write, Untamed. From the woman who inspired Amulet. Yup. The whole magazine was about her, how she talks & how she keeps the sexiest, riotess life... 


*We can indulge in Alisha's subtle art of styling sentences, mingled with food, at SOMMERSALT...  


*We can dance with Angela in Fergie's crazy ass MILF$ video. WTF that is all kinds of feelings. You are the muse that shows us how to keep family, keep a practice & keep our glimmer. #rebelyogi...


*We can Fall In Love with ourSelves, thanks to our effervescent Alexandria Romero. This isn't simple self-care. This is committing to a life that overflows... 




* * *


So the MOONRISE|13 ladies requested live ONLINE profit planning.


I think ~everyone~ needs LIVE PROFIT PLANNING.
So we're opening the doors TO FOR A 3-hour workshop & a 2-day masterclass.
But. we need to keep it *intimate* to really focus on you & your complexity.

 {If you are in M|13, these are included, part of our spontaneous soirees!}


If you have a wisdom school inside you, or a movement, or you are a free spirit that has no fucking idea but a deep longing to stay free, this is for you. We will take great care of you, & I will hold your hand & give you the maps you need. Join the 3-hour online PROFIT PLAN WORKSHOP.


If you are an experienced course, retreat, or circle leader, a brick-&-mortar business owner, or just need to have a clear profit plan, yesterday, then you want to be in the online PROFIT PLAN MASTER CLASS. We will spend two days locking it in, live, online. This includes a digital copy of *GIVEN*, the 2-Year Lunar Planning Atlas, 4 workshops, implementation space between, & real opportunities for collaboration, traffic & exposure.


As always, we will forgo simple manifestation for bio-effective realization: making your vision real by honoring your creative impulse, in line with your cycles & the astral tides. Nothing less. 

xx, Maya




Friday, July 22 |  $97
10 AM  -  1 PM California|  1 PM - 4 PM East Coast




Saturday + Sunday, July 23 & 24  |  $997

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM California|  11:30 AM - 2:30 PM East Coast
2 - 5 PM California  |  5 - 8 PM East Coast



*If you are of the African diaspora, we have 3 full scholarships in thanks for your brightest impulse. Please email Chelan:

*Because these events are live, built upon 1,000 beautiful alumni's work, include our maps + time from my family, there will be no refunds issued.  I will give you all I have during our time together. xx

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Sister, we are in a multitude of revolutions.  

At this moment my heart is bursting with the full weather of a women's emotions. There is so much good. And there is so much still tragic. Life's 10,000 joys & 10,000 sorrows. 


And I know that you are in your own creative tension. The space between the sweetness of your own life, the actual capacity of the life you have been given, & the almost bizarre combination of privilege, deprivation, brilliance, neglect, talent, & abandonment that only you know. Only you feel the precious beloveds you hold in your daily attentions, that deserve every moment of your gaze in this life. 

And this is why we collaborate. This is why we are here, returning to a way when women get their chores done & their needs met by the efforts of a community. 

And. We have a larger responsibility. Women hold the boys as they become men. Women are the ones who once told them when to stop. 





We must each enter into a program of voice recovery. I don't know what that means to you.

Because your voice might mean your hands, as you make. Your voice might be the thumbs you sit on while a woman births. Your voice might be the sway in your hips, or the soil on your feet as you stand determined to work with the soil. Your voice might be tired legs, making pancakes & washing dishes upon dishes.


With honest tears in my eyes I thank you.

A rare Luna Moth, a male, has come forward to thank you.


He came thru the woods, because he is attracted to the moon & the light.  He follows the scent of female, the scent of one who forwards life. He is huge, almost 5 inches, with false eyes to protect his short, week-long life. Both males & females come without mouths! They are not here to eat, their voice is their ability to love, their one purpose. To love.
{Science would say it's to reproduce. We know better.}


Like you, Luna Moth is here to perpetuate a series of cycles. To perpetuate transformation: 

Connect. Love. Lay down life. Die inside the promise of new life. Hatch.



Eat. Molt.

Eat. Molt.

Eat. Molt.

Spin a protective cocoon & turn to mush. Leave the protection & climb with wet wings to new heights. Pulse. When night comes...Flight. Towards the light. 


Ah, there is so much gorgeous life & death in all of that. So many moments of protection. Of right timing. Of waiting. Of building up & shedding. 

There are byproducts to all of this. These are the Satuniidae, the Giant Silkworms. Their silk, their protection, given by an impulse to love & perpetuate life, is stronger than steel. This is true.

This is true for you, too. 

The shelters you weave are stronger than steel. 


They have two generations each year, those that know to sleep in their cocoons thru Winter, & those that come after them, thru the Spring & Summer. 

This is true for you, two. 

You know when to rest. You know when to sit inside of a protective nest. You know when your seasons are. {And. What do you think of birthing in a big way, only twice a year?}


I am fascinated by how they collect nourishment & grow, then molt, 5 times in the course of weeks.  They change, fast. Unattached to outer skins. On Purpose. 

How fast can you move thru old shells? Can you grow fast, in service to the light & the love?


This doesn't mean you need to put yourself out there in ways that aren't right for you. They fly, only at night, in Spring and early Summer.  Of course they are glamorous. 

When is it right, for you? What is your glamour?


They use the dark as a protective cloak, & have those big false eyes to deter predators. 

It's okay to have your boundaries. To move in the dark. I am this way. I like to work behind the scenes. And sometimes it's more than okay to be seen for what you actually are. 


But then again, maybe you need to move thru 5 cycles of nourishment, growth & shedding before you, too, can produce 200 eggs.

Are there five books, or bits of knowing you are wanting to follow? Or 5 patterns you are ready to transform & shed for forever?


Or maybe you have grown enough, & you need to retreat. 


Some of you have been building nonstop our entire time together. And your brain is turning to mush. Please. Stop. Take space. Trust that you've grown & built & shed & now you need to break down in peace.


When you come out, you will see the strength of what you've already built. Take some space for re-entry. And you will have glamour. And you will have wings. 

You also will have a new balance between your masculine & feminine. It's a paradigm shift. You will be a different source of light for others, attracting newcollaborations. And you will have a new nose for those poised to forward life with your partnership.

After so many years of seeking nourishment in the form of other's wisdom schools, & other thought leaders, you are ready to lead your own conversations. Yes, you do this some already. 


Luna Moth is a mystic, usually connected to psychic knowing & the feminine. But this is a male, asking you to trust in your power. In your ability to fertilize your own. To balance your quiet & shadows with a showy glamour. To keep boundaries, keep your seasons & to enjoy this process fully, as the cycles are short, & life is short.


You are a gift, one who illuminates. You don't need to crawl, you don't need to inch along, & you don't need to munch on just leaves. Your Way, completely unique to you, is your voice, & it's given by love. A gift for the world. Needed.

Thank you. Again & again. Maya


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Connecting with Spirit in Nature 
:: Animal Allies {part 3 of 3}

This is my last installment in the Showing up for Spirit series for Moonrise 13 & Empress Tides. It has been such an honor to share these words and photos with you. It is my hope that the material has been useful for you in some way as you continue on path. ~Kristina


It doesn't matter whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural environment, there are animals everywhere. The animals that are showing up in your life can become your allies, bringing messages from Spirit with their arrival.


In many ways it’s easier to connect with plants and/or trees in nature because you know where to find them. Animals are trickier because they find you. Even when you know where a certain animal spends time, they may not be there when you go looking. This brings an extra layer of magic to animal encounters.


The easiest way to begin connecting is to start paying attention to the animals showing up in your environment; the birds in your backyard, any animals you see on the street when you are out and about, even insects that might come into your home. You don’t have to track every animal you see in the world. Allow this to be fun and easy. Whatever animal catches your attention, for whatever reason - let this animal be a guide for you.


Each animal carries special medicine, a wisdom teaching. How you interpret this message is quite personal. I am going to invite you to become your own oracle in discovering the medicine of the animals you encounter in your life.


First step: Notice when and where you encountered the animal. What were you doing? What were you thinking about? Were you alone or with others? What was your mood like, your energy levels? These are all important questions to help you tune into your life in the moments that you crossed paths with the animal. This will give you possible themes to work with, places where this animals medicine might be best put to use.


Next step: Spend some time considering any or all of the following questions. Start with the questions that you can answer by observation or information that you already know about this animal. Once you have tapped into your own knowledge and intuition, feel free to research online or at the library for more clues to the message from spirit.


  • What behaviors of this animal are interesting to you?
  • What environment does this animal thrive in? The air, the water, underground, in trees...
  • How does it navigate it's environment? On two legs, four legs, with wings...
  • Is this animal slow or fast?
  • What is this animal's strongest sense organ?
  • Does this animal like to spend time alone or in community?
  • Is this animal outgoing and confident or shy and reclusive?
  • Is this animal quiet or noisy?
  • Is this animal aggressive or does it avoid conflict?
  • What does this animal like to eat? Is it an omnivore, an herbivore, a carnivore....
  • How does this animal groom itself?
  • Does this animal change form, shed skin, molt, shed or otherwise shape-shift?
  • What is this animals most prominent feature?
  • Is this animal active in the day or night?
  • What season is it right now and how does it's activity change with the seasons?
  • Where does this animal make it's home? A nest, a den, a thicket of grass?
  • What temperature does this animal thrive in? Warm? Does it like sunshine? Cool? Does it prefer the shade?
  • How does this animal behave in community?
  • How does this animal interact when it mates?
  • Does this animal mate for life?
  • What is the length of this animals gestation cycle?
  • How does this animal birth and raise it's young? 
  • What do you like about this animal?
  • What do you not like about this animal?
  • Any other questions that you might have about this animal…


At some point during your research and observation you are going to have an a-ha moment. You will know what the message the axial is brining you if you let yourself know. This is extra important if you are receiving a more challenging piece of medicine. Remember - no animal has "bad" medicine to share. When you reframe a “negative” message it can become guidance into your own shadow material. Allow all medicine to further your own evolution.


One final note - do NOT try to fit your experience around someone else’s opinion. If someone tells you what medicine your animal ally brings that doesn’t feel true to you, trust yourself. Allow your inner wisdom guide you to your own understanding and interpretation of the animals you encounter in your life. This is the entry point to personalizing the medicine this animal is bringing to you and an opportunity to invite a seemingly random encounter into a magical connection with Spirit.



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July 4| 11:01 UT | 12 degrees

Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Reproductive systems. Cycles of creation. Blood-flow. Mama.
New Moons here mean dropping into the heart, into the ancient core of your Being.
Not to reminisce or cling; gather what you need to feel connected to Source, & emerge.
You are entering a cycle where fresh, fertile ground for your LOVE to grow is accessible.
So much has been released, so much clarity & data has been absorbed.
Now we re-format our receptivity to align with what our hearts neeeeeed.
With what our Creatrix wants. What our inner/outer Mother knows to be necessary.
Eliminate clutter & be navigated by your instincts. You are supported by your Sufficiency.
You are lifted by your Divinity. You are powered by your Commitments. Trust.
As for your intentions, keep them simple & soaked in love that feels gooood. 
saltwater & stars,



Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 


Illumination on the bi-monthly lunacy & how to sync like the tide using your own chart. New Moons are clarity of intention; Full Moons are climax. Get yours. 

 {Readings are via email correspondence, with optional intro via phone/Skype, allowing space & time for an intuitive & interactive conversation.} 

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Solstice is always marked with a bit of gold ink on my window sills. In the padded room (oh, yes. a must for boys that climb bare walls & jump from 20 feet inside the house), there's a line of slashes that tell me where the sun rose over Lake Tahoe, & in my bedroom room, where he sets, past Capay Valley. This morning I gathered the baby & we sat outside, at 5 am, to breathe the gold in. 

Of course it starts with a wash of bright, that seeps overhead until my tree tips flash with ochre. When the actual star appears, we take one full, deep, slow breath, letting that bright wash each lung, each organ, each cell with warmth, length & fresh possibility. I blink, to "snap" my heart-shot, to record it's place in the sky for later, when I put the gold Sharpie nib to the wood of my window. I'm an owl that loves the mornings. We'll be doing this again later this week, only because we can. Join us where you are, in your time, & we'll be sharing in a collective renewal.


Here's a few ways to celebrate the Solstice + Full Moon tides this week: 

*Eat the sun! The lush nourishment above = Raw rice wraps with the best dipping sauce ever, sweet + savory toasts, mini eggplant pizzas, sushi bowls, breakfast bowls & fresh fruit popsicles are so easy & really, simply, holy. Elsa's Wholesome Life overflows.

*Swoon, be shaken, touched + *step* into your own art activism, inspired by our loves Alixa & Naima of Climbing PoeTREE. Consider survival as a triumph, & celebrate those that spread their fire. Let the ancestors evolve as you.

*Consider a kitchen healing = get ahead of your hunger while making home with our friend Jules Blaine Davis.

*Dive into your current astral psychological climate with Chani Nicholas, who's always on, & wide-awake to the heart of feminism, social justice, & the LGBQTI2S families.  Her readings always empower my inner fire to follow the brightest impulse.

*Choose to celebrate all of life, & the gifts you were given, by claiming a space at Intuit & Inspire.  Umberdove/Kelly Clark & Robin E. Sandomirsky are longtime Empress Tides alumni + collaborators, & they move us in very different ways. This is a retreat that's really a wisdom school led by the most playful spirits. It will be depth + delight + sistership + practice + movement and you will make art with a master creatrix. Do it. 

*Make a sun mandala, using flowers, paints, or food, in goldenrod, poppy, yellow, peach, & mustard.  There's no right way, but I love Danielle Cohen's photography question, "Are you a finder or a maker?" If you generally document the world around you, this is a chance to be a maker & play stylist.

*Up your creative calm & clarity amongst the chaos. Saturn*s Sister opens on the New Moon, & over the next few weeks we'll be sharing plenty of free resources. Join the tribe here.

*Gather outside, to be with your neighbors at dusk. Put the chairs out on the sidewalk, throw out a picnic blanket, or pick up some burritos to eat at the park. Be with others while the day draws long & let the whole thing be an extended exhale. Just because you can.



Thank you for being a part of our larger family. So much more love & reciprocation for your Way is coming. You know I love it behind the scenes. But our  Carrie-Anne has invited me to show my Way. It's only fair, since that's my invitation to all of you! So here we go. Like her, my way is that of sun. Go. Grow. Flow. Everything that rhymes with OH. #leoleos           


xx, Maya

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Connecting with Spirit in Nature Tree Guardians {part 2 of 3}

Moon 11 | New Moon in Gemini

Did you have access to a tree house when you were a kid? My grandfather built a very simple treehouse in a large California Pepper Tree that held court over our backyard. This little wooden shelter was my haven on many afternoons. It wasn't even that high up off the ground, but something about sitting within the trees branches, hidden from the world's view, made me feel safe… like I was a part of the tree and far away from my troubles in the world below. 


Ever since I can remember, I’ve looked to trees for deep grounding, protection and guidance. Trees have presence. They stand tall - some gigantically so. They convey a different type of energy than other plants because of their size and structure.


Trees offer so much to whatever environment they are in: oxygen, shelter, wood, food and medicine just to name a few. They are home to many animals including birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, even humans - remember Julia Hill Butterfly?


Throughout history humans have worshipped or otherwise mythologized trees. Trees been given deep, sacred meaning throughout the ages and have played an important role in many of the worlds religions and mythologies. Trees are powerful symbols of the cycle of growth, death/decay and renewal as well as symbolizing immortality and fertility.


An ancient cross-cultural symbolic representation of the universe's construction is the World Tree. This is a colossal tree in the earth which supports the heavens with it's branches and reaches deep into the underworld with it's roots, connecting all three realms. In shamanic language these realms are referred to as the upper world, the middle world and the lower world. Whatever lens the World Tree is viewed through it represents the connection that exists with all things, living and dead, embodied or not. It reminds us that we are all one.


Because trees can live for hundreds and even thousands of years I consider them to be planetary wisdom keepers. The oldest living tree is estimated to be 5,063 years old. It is a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, located in the White Mountains in California. Can you imagine the wisdom imbued in a living creature of that many years? 


Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi - a sacred fig tree in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka - is said to be the southern branch of the original Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. It was planted in 288 BCE and is the oldest living human-planted tree with a known planting date. Oh, to be in the energy field of this venerable tree.


A simple practice


I encourage you to find a way to connect with trees on a regular basis as they contain beautiful healing energy. Whether you are walking in a forest, hanging out in a park or sitting in your backyard, trees offer their presence as a direct source to all dimensions of being.


Meditating with a tree is a fantastic way to get grounded, quiet your mind and connect with spirit. You can meditate with any tree that you like. If you feel called, find a tree that you can sit on the ground with and lean back against it’s trunk. If that isn't possible or comfortable, you can always bring a chair with you and sit near a tree.


The practice


Approach the tree with reverence. Make an offering to the tree if you feel called - a feather, a flower, a rock, a song, a whispered word of thanks - whatever resonates.


Find your comfortable seat with your tree. Close your eyes.


Lean up against the trunk or imagine that you are leaning up against the trunk if you are sitting in a chair.


Feel the tree supporting you as you lean back.


Imagine there are roots extending down from whatever part of your body is connected with the earth. 


Send your roots deep into the earth, rooting yourself into the Mother like the tree you are meditating with.


Feel your connection with Mother Earth and with the tree.


Notice your breath becoming deeper and smoother.


Listen to the sounds around you.


Become still like the tree.


Just sitting and breathing, becoming more and more centered with each breath. 


Listen for any message the tree might have for you in this moment.


Let the presence of the tree ground you in the present moment.


Sit with your tree for as long as you like, opening your eyes whenever you are ready.


When you are finished, give thanks to your tree for her support and guidance. 


Hugging your tree is optional and highly recommended.


If you aren’t able to get outside and meditate with a tree, you can use the meditation above as a visualization. You can also imagine yourself to be a tree during meditation - feeling your roots deep in the earth, your trunk standing tall and your branches reaching into the atmosphere all around you.


I invite you to try a tree meditation the next time you are feeling like you could use some support. Trees are guardians of the sacred. They have much wisdom to share with us when allow ourselves to receive their medicine.


Coming next month:
Moon 11 | New Moon in Gemini
Connecting with Spirit in Nature {part 3 of 3}
Animal Allies



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May 21 

21:14 UTC 

1 degree Sagittarius 


Horoscopes are a compass for where intention may be accessed & illumination most happenin’. What you’re working with & need to know. For heightened insight, read for your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know yours yet, go ahead with your Sun sign!


This is a FIERCE Full Moon. Mars in Sagittarius, retrograding into Scorpio, is merged with the already raw energy of the Moon opposite the Sun. Mars is radically candid in Sagittarius, fighting for Truth. The Moon here is informing you on your version of it. The Truth most relevant to you. Temporarily, permanently- what you need to know to move forward, when the time comes, is clear now. Or even the resurrection of a situation you thought was over but is back for a pop quiz. The trick is not to follow impulse (Mars is Retro, Sag is hasty) but to strategize towards freedom. Expect insights into the belief system supporting your Higher Power. Be as open & available as you can to new inputs of Source while learning from where[who] you are Now. 



ARIES: This Full Moon really is all about your Mars story (Sag is a story-teller). You’ve been itching itching itching to revitalize your current landscape into something more resonant with your refreshed Authentic vibe. Yet there is healing to be done yet & Mars back into Scorpio will bring it to you. Meanwhile, get in touch with your inner Guru so as to be comfortable with the open ended questions...



TAURUS: For those of you in a war between breaking open & playing safe with yourself, the climax battle has come. Strategy: prioritize love. And this may not be so much about a choice between two as a merging them. Knowing what it is to love yourself so radically that you are able to break open, safely. Honor transparency & you Win. 



GEMINI: If there was a time you adopted other people versions of the truth/reality as your own, it is no longer. The reappearance of projections you thought had been eliminated are just showing you what you are no longer tolerating. Reinforcement. This is a core strengthening Full Moon. To eliminate projections we must actually integrate the aspect of ourselves we resist. Don't initiate (especially compromise), just retract your force field, for now. 



CANCER: For any health/mundane mayhem, look into anger. Your relationship with the repression/expression of it & how it translates into your state of Being. Whatever is showing up physically or as a sense of overwhelm is directing you to streamline & expand (paradoxes mean magic) the space & time you have to receive bliss. It is so so important that your everyday human experience align with your spiritual values. Retrieve your Rights. 



LEO: I want you to celebrate your victories & I also want you to know that there is internal work (healing, releasing=freeing) to be done before you will see the progress you know you've made. Yes, this Moon is fire-power. Everything else is on pause though. You are Creatrix; do not allow the recalibration to confuse you. Strategize with it to access the ultimate clarity you need before the Expansion Project continues. 



VIRGO: I so deeply understand your frustration with familiar aches & pains from the ancient spheres of your psyche coming up for air. Sag wants to move on already, their fave default strategy being that of nonchalantness.  So with a Full Moon ON Mars in Sag, you’re really feeling that urge. But Mars is not even in Scorpio yet, which is really gonna detox residue sh*t. And yeah, you’re over it (we all are), so use the sage clarity of Sagittarius to strategize how the need for ELEVATION so present with you right now, will keep you high vibe. 



LIBRA: Emphasize more on incorporating your pure standards into every interaction than making them KNOWN. I’m not even saying walk the talk, I’m saying streamline the “talk" to the essential minimum. This is just so you have more energy to process the massive energetic/mental shifts in focus. Retroactive adjustments. Think true, think real, think alignment. And then wait. 



SCORPIO: Mars Retro may have you feeling lacking/inadequate. Here’s your Full Moon reminder that you do not need to know-be-do all to be sure that you deserve love. From yourself. There is enough within you. You do not need to be the most high minded individuated being to receive…You can ease into it. Over attachments come into focus now- what is your security bound up in? Look for freedom there. Pray. 



SAGITTARIUS:You are learning so much about the freedom in knowing yourself. Mars Retro may have slowed up some of the manifest-hustle you’ve been on- don’t stress it. The internal experiences are as valid as the external ones. There is no blasphemy like that of doubting yourself. Trust trust trust. Be on alert for answers you have been waiting for to come now & ask for any clarity you need. It may take time but your vibe is on it. 



CAPRICORN: Get real…quiet. Silence the busy-ness for this moon. Because your limitations are shattering under the weight of how AWAKE you are. Yes, freedom is being injected into your subconscious. You may not be able to scratch the itch until after Mars goes direct (June 30), but you sure as hell can be with the permeation. Let the truth hurt & the fire burn through. You’ll be imbued with magic. 



AQUARIUS: Sagittarius isn’t afraid of the truth. They’re excited about it. It’s a leavening agent, causing things to grow fast & full. Less of what doesn’t elevate you, more of what does= abundance. Some might think that too much bliss is really just over-indulgent & taking advantage of what is available to you.Yet if your belief system is supporting you, won’t you be better positioned for generosity? Surround yourself with the like-minded to avoid hope-suckers. 



PISCES: Even while you’re waiting for hope & hard-work to come through, you can celebrate. Bjork, Sag of course, once said "I'm half ancient, half child". It's ok to be in the in-between of human & spirit. You’re not stuck, you’re figuring it out. So is everyone else so go easy on them, as long as you’re not compromising what matters the most. This is a checkpoint that will reveal what is left to be done & how far you’ve come. Stay High. 



Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 


Illumination on the bi-monthly lunacy & how to sync like the tide using your own chart. New Moons are clarity of intention; Full Moons are climax. Get yours. 

 {Readings are via email correspondence, with optional intro via phone/Skype, allowing space & time for an intuitive & interactive conversation.} 

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KRISTINA WINGEIER :: Connecting with Spirit in Nature Plants {part 1 of 3}

Moon 10 | New Moon in Taurus
Connecting with Spirit in Nature
Plants {part 1 of 3} 

Some of my earliest memories are of spending time in the garden of my childhood home in Ohio. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, tall trees and creatures great and small I felt at peace, connected to something bigger than myself and closer to what I then called God. For the next three New Moons I will be writing about connecting with Spirit in Nature. Today, we begin with the plant nation.

Plants make life as we know it on this planet possible. They not only inhale carbon monoxide and exhale oxygen - amazing in and of itself - they also provide food, medicine, shelter, clothing and beauty to all of the citizens on planet Earth. 

Plants arrived on the scene long before we did, and we have evolved in relationship with them. In addition to sharing all the gifts that I mentioned above, plants have also been a part of sacred ceremony for as long as humans have been engaging in ritual.

Perhaps you are already connecting with the plants in your spiritual practice. If you've been smudging with sage or any other dried plants, or if you have a plant or flowers on your altar, you are tapping into the intelligence of the plant world.

In fact, whenever you are with plants you are tuning into their frequency, whether you are aware of it or not. If you like, you can engage in a simple practice of connecting with Spirit by intentionally attuning to a plant in it’s natural environment.

The Practice

Give yourself a good 30 minutes for this activity, an hour is even more luxurious. Sometimes it takes a while to find your plant.

Begin by going outside and finding a plant that calls to you. This is not an intellectual activity - allow your heart to lead you to a plant that wants to connect with you.

When you’ve found the plant that wants to whisper in your ear, take the plant in with all of your senses. Become aware of it’s full self from the ground up. Notice the colors, textures, shapes and movement pattern of the plant. 

You have been drawn to this plant for a reason. Are you open to receiving it’s message? If so, be still and allow the plant to download it’s teaching. Spirit is speaking to you through this plant, the one that has chosen you to receive it’s medicine in this moment. 

Do your best to trust the message you are receiving. Try not to overanalyze the information you are gathering - first thought, best thought. You know the truth. This is a heart floor teaching, something that will bring you into a deeper connection to Spirit within your own being, not lead to more questions and confusion in your mind. 

When you feel complete, thank the plant for sharing it’s gifts with you. I like to speak out loud to plants and have been known to kiss them, but you don’t need to do this in order to express your gratitude. 

If you like, you can visit this plant daily for a week, for a lunar cycle, for a year. Notice the way it changes from day to day, adapting to it’s environment. Or, you can visit a new plant every day for a week, a lunar cycle, a year… there is no way to get this practice wrong. The plants are always speaking - the question is, are you listening?

Next month:
Moon 11 | New Moon in Gemini
Connecting with Spirit in Nature {part 2 of 3}
Trees - Sacred Guardians



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April 22 

5:24 UTC

2 degrees 


Horoscopes are a compass for where intention may be accessed & illumination most happenin’. What you’re working with & need to know. For heightened insight, read for your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know yours yet, go ahead with your Sun sign!


A Scorpio Full Moon is thrilling. Exposed. Raw. What're you hiding behind? Underneath? Scorpio strips away the layers like none other. Ends cycles to birth what will continue strong. Pulling you in & drawing you out. Metamorphosis. Elimination as a default strategy is effective at this time, when it's coming from your intentional power, your intentional knowing. Not fear or panic-control. This Full Moon is a climatic checkpoint of the transfiguration we’ve already been soul-deep in. We moved forward with Aries season & Scorpio Phoenix Moon is bringing us closure, sealing our victories, healing our armor. Don’t kill off everything, clean off the ashes & RISE. You got this. 




ARIES: Revel in your Rise. Everything you have absorbed from other people/situations is expired now. If you can get alone, or with someone sacred, & ritualize the mutation of this energy into life-force. Think of your psyche as an altar, where the contributions to your evolution are honored, pain & process alike. Phoenix.  



TAURUS: Self-pity is compassion internalized. Resentments are prisons made from when you didn't love yourself enough. When you let other people off the hook from having to free you, you make room for you to get intimate with your own power. Power is a word which here means: knowing what's yours & what's theirs & merging with intention. 



GEMINI: If you're sensing overwhelm from your body or in your daily functions, here is where you get to remove anything that's not invigorating. Here is where you realize what has been depleting your forces. Prioritize habits that keep you clean & efficient while allowing any stagnation/repressions to be extracted. Then regenerate. Paradox to power. 



CANCER: The amount of toxicity we tolerate is parallel to the potency of our missions. Creation is not just tangible forms of expression, but it is all the ways you exist. All the ways you are present & interact with life-force. It is intense because your bliss is at risk. Be fanatically fierce about the integration of your shadow-turned-light. Consider yourself TURNED ON. 



LEO: Scenarios/feelings are coming up that solidify your perhaps long-held suspicion that you are no longer who you were. It may have been hard to recognize yourself up until now. And maybe you have known who you are all this time but nothing was the same. Now you may find that though transfiguration never ceases, you belong relentlessly to yourself. Deeply. Your history, your source, your core. The metamorphosis comes to completion. For now. 



VIRGO: Feel through the signals on this one. Forget about analytical processes for accuracy & focus on instinctual intentions. You’re going to need them to navigate the incoming-outgoing streams of intensity. People are going to act up. Authenticity will be faked. Don’t try to figure it out. All you need to know is what you see. The deeper your real is, the less relevant stagnant situations are. Cleanse the exchanges.



LIBRA: What you need right now, may not have accepted you deeply crave, is unconditional love. From yourself. Allow all those buried wounds of rejection show up for healing. You are safe when you trust yourself. Any fear around security (money, values, being valued) is soothed by exposure- letting the light reach in. To ground, nurture yourself like a child who is learning to remember. Avoid scarcity tactics & install love strategies for your heightened senses.  



SCORPIO: You feel the pull in deeply. It’s exhilarating really, because you’ve been SO ready. To move at your own pace. To create space for clarity & intuition to be your power source. What are you sourced by? What is your intimacy & presence fueled by? That comes to be seen now. It comes to be owned. There are next to no mysteries for you now. You have seen yourself & that is climax in itself. The rest needs time...



SAGITTARIUS:  The deeper your self-protection, the sexier your vulnerability is. Don't avoid intimacy with your fears- turn them into prayers & it will transform repression into reception. Yes, here you can heal what still hurts. You can also feel what no longer does. Where you have become magic. 



CAPRICORN: What you're tolerating for fear of taking up too much space otherwise is seen for what is is under this moon. Where you're holding back for fear of vulnerability is inevitably revealed. Facades shatter so fall back into the Universe, trusting that the commitments to your visions are supported. In the overwhelm, heal with your high vibe. 



AQUARIUS: Power trips get hacked right now. On one? Or in someone else's? Any long-term effort that isn't founded in authenticity is seen as a system compromise. Rejoice in the ambitions you've realized & may you see where your cravings have been satisfied. Act like compassion is the only way up. (It is.) 



PISCES: Again & again we're brought to the brink of everything we thought we knew was true. Over the precipice is truth that is resonant with every vibration of your being. After the growin pains is trust. After the release is heightened reception. After the end is the beginning. The mission is to translate your original motives of transcending into resilient perspectives. 


saltwater & stars, 


Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 


Illumination on the bi-monthly lunacy & how to sync like the tide using your own chart. New Moons are clarity of intention; Full Moons are climax. Get yours. 

 {Readings are via email correspondence, with optional intro via phone/Skype, allowing space & time for an intuitive & interactive conversation.} 

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  Lioness Peony of Meadowlark Garden. By   PwderPoint <- click!

Lioness Peony of Meadowlark Garden. By PwderPoint <- click!


Truth: Scarcity thinking is eliminated in the presence of peony.

You feel this now, right, as you look at her? I will tell you right now, I have to be sitting down.

She is just beginning to arrive On Path. She brings me to tears. I am reminded of the Eternal's givingness.

We can believe in parameters, or we can believe in peonies. And the truth:

They appear every year. Each one has more beauty than we can ever take the time to soak in. There are more varieties of them than we could ever bring into our homes. And there are more peonies gifted to Earth than we can ever, ever gather.

I know. I'm being over-the-top. And that is the point. When we focus on ourselves, that includes the whole of our Inner Knowing, Inner Alchemy, the External Display + External Awareness, all useful information for keeping us safe & processing & working that ever-interesting growing edge. When we focus on the truth of nature's ability to create miracles, on what's actually available in this world, then we realize our supply is over-the-top.  Peony is symbolic of that truth.

This year, you'll need to choose your focus, because Mars is in Retrograde until August. Maybe you have felt this, since late March. Mars is our yang, our momentum, our launch energy. And now it has moved further away, & it's harder for us fertilize our own projects. We don't have punch.

What we have, however, is an over-abundance of femininity.

The way to distinguish your work now, thru August, to have your work be seen, to let your projects consume the imaginations of others, is to work the feminine gesture:



Where before we were putting ourselves out there, making subtle demands of ourselves to clarify, produce, fine tune, & to make the world know us, & our message, now we put down our sword for a season. Now we indulge in all the self-care products & courses we've stacked in our email. Now we have our sisters for tea & take long walks. Now we choose our favorite practice & begin a 40-day sahdana or 100-day gong. Now we edify + build those that are nourishing us.

An example of this is the weekly give-aways we are doing with & for Empress Tides sistren over @namastetiff. This is all about reception, all about win-win-win. It's letting in gifts, growing more beautiful & vibrant because of them, letting others know we were gifted, & gifting even more. It's the riot of Spring, via social media. And what is more irresistible than a cluster of blooms, gently exploding with gratitude?

If you are shy, as I can be, or afraid, as I often am, or fairly sure that *the most important product of your business, initiative, or community is the community landscape* then this is the way for you. Pay very close attention. Implement. This is a full marketing model.



The more laser-clear & lucid you become about your vision, purpose & offerings, the more existence you have in the form of team, products, impact & allies, the harder it can be to soften. You cannot let go of the reins. You need to surround yourself with images of Peony, actual blooms, or bring her into your meditation & heart floor to feel into what this looks like. 

Peony softens into her expansion. She releases in a gentle, slow explosion towards the sun. She generates a personal exposure that is certainly decadent, but there is a quality that feels personally indulgent - it's clear that she is softening for herself. It's like an long, deepened exhale when we are also soaking in the sun, or a much-needed shower. In fact. Do these things. As often as possible between now & August.

Deepen the exhale. Soak in the sun. Deepen the exhale. Soak in the shower.



Now is the moment for complexity & lightness in your transparency. Yes, share your truth, but do so while holding yourself lightly. Bring a gentle humor to your process, not taking yourself so seriously, letting your learning curve show, but all inside of the faith that all is not only well, but it is, in fact, glorious.

While we usually share or hide the layers of the onion, now there is no onion in sight. Only layers upon layers of softly jagged ruffle, luscious velvet, & succulent pastels.



Embody your reflection of the Empress. Let your values be billowy, elevated. Peony rises towards the Sun, like any plant, but she doesn't lean. She moves straight up, towards the sky. It's only moon-shot thinking, for her.

And when she gets there, she is no rocket. She rises in her own time, & holds her secrets tight within, a bulb of formality, barely hinting at what she'll share in right time. And when she is ready to let go, she's not just a flower. She's a wedding dress. A commitment. Unafraid to be seen, picked, cherished & adored. She exudes love.  This is her time, & owns it.


Even if you don't have access to fresh peonies, look at what lives on Pinterest:

From now on, make sure you have at least one glass of fresh flowers on your table. 

They are your mirror. Learn to care for them, & how to create a beautiful arrangement, that reflects the gentle, fierce gesture you want to perpetuate in the world. Your gesture. They can always be different, as you are always different. Let them capture your attention, & keep you present to truth.

Women, you are the peonies that bring me to sit, the nourishment I wish to help share with the world. Thank you for letting me play witness to your beauty, your unfurling, your lofty values. You really do bring me to tears. As you know.  xx, Maya


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KRISTINA WINGEIER : Reflecting Your Inner Wisdom (part 3 of 3) Cultivating Intuition

Moon 9 // New Moon in Aries

Every one of us is intuitive. Intuition is a normal and natural part of being a human - we are hardwired to receive information from Spirit and the unseen realms. While it is true that some folks are born with a stronger intuitive aptitude than others, everyone has the ability to strengthen their intuitive capacities if they choose.

If the idea that you are intuitive is new territory for you it is important to remember that it takes time to build any skill; cultivating your intuition is no different. The key to building a relationship with this part of yourself is twofold. First, you must be OPEN to the idea that you are intuitive. Once you are open, you need to begin to TRUST any information you receive from your intuitive self. 

If you have not been in a relationship of trust with your inner knowing, your intuition might be speaking in a small, quiet voice. Once you are open to the idea that you are indeed intuitive and you are ready to begin trusting the information you are receiving, the next step is to make a commitment to creating a stronger relationship with your intuition. 

There are many schools and programs for intuitive studies. What I’m offering here are a few tips - simple things that you can do to begin opening and deepening your connection to Spirit in the form of your intuition. 

1. Begin by relaxing and releasing expectations as much as possible. Stress and anxiety will not lead to clarity. Do yourself a favor and enter into this exploration of your intuitive abilities with a playful attitude and a light heart.

2. Quiet your mind chatter on a regular basis. This is crucial, you MUST take the time and space to get quiet and begin to listen to that voice within. For some folks sitting in meditation works. For others, movement is what helps. Know what works for you and engage in this activity on a daily basis.

3. Ask for guidance from Spirit. You can imagine this guidance in whatever way works for you: from a divine being, angels, teachers, ancestors… or simply, the universe. When you have questions that you would like to receive guidance about - ask for a sign from your “support team” and trust that you will know the sign when you see it. Note - sometimes intuitive guidance doesn’t make rational and logical sense in the moment. You must be willing to go by what feels right rather than what looks right on paper.

4. Write down all the instances where you've recognized your intuition's guidance, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Note the outcomes of the situations as well - intuitive information is often made clear in hindsight. Tracking your asks and your answers will help you to validate the existence of your intuition. It will also help you to see how you perceive intuitive information, which channels flow easily for you. For instance, do you feel your intuition in your body? Do you see visions in your mind’s eye? Do you hear guidance in your inner ear? Do you just “know” things? Take notes about this as well.

5. Finally, give thanks - to your guides, to yourself, to the universe - for any and all intuitive guidance you receive. Appreciation only amplifies your connection to Spirit and to your intuition. 

Next month:
Moon 10 | New Moon in Taurus
Connecting with Spirit in Nature {part 1 of 3}
Plant Spirits

Kristina Wingeier is a Lunar Mystic & Soul Counselor offering services for women who are ready to {re}connect with their Inner Wisdom.

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I died as a mineral and became a plant;

I died as a plant and rose to animal;

I died as animal and I was a man.

Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?



I’m in a holding pattern. I’m holding too much, way too much, I hold it so tight that I’m almost crushing it, crushing myself. And it feels so heavy.

Holding on too tight to things that are impossible to hold- life, this moment, today, the past. 

I’m looking for the strength to let it all go, to lay it down to rest, to release it for it is not mine to hold, it never was.

I’m looking for the love and trust to say goodbye, to let it all go.


I’m dreaming of a lightness. I’m dreaming of things moving through and out, of twirling and dancing with the moment instead of trying to hold it. I’m dreaming of rest, of feeling fully supported in each moment- I don’t need to do the supporting.


I shut my eyes, I feel the earth beneath my feet, she’s soft and warm and willing. She whispers to me to lay it all down. I hesitate, but I know its time. I kiss all the things I’ve been holding, holding way too tight, and I give them over to her, I give them over to the earth where they belong. I place them on the ground and she receives them with such grace, I feel her smiling. She takes it all.


I feel the space created, I feel expanded. I sit awhile listening to her sigh- the breath of mama earth. I watch all the things she supports, I see flowers bloom and fade, I see leaves sprout and fall, I see all the life she holds in her depths. I see seasons come and go- she inhales, and she exhales.


And she too is supported. The stars, the moon, the sun, they support her- moving rhythmically with her inhale and exhale and I barely in a breath.


I inhale, hold, release, let go, empty, expanded, expectant, I inhale and so it goes.


“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” – Rumi


Transient gifts of such wonder. We die with each moment so we may live into the next.


A million deaths in this life, a million moments to treasure, to breath in and live into, to exhale and release. Bittersweet cycles of life that teach us the beauty in each delicate moment. The dying in order to be reborn, renewed. The releasing in order to be expanded.  The composting and fertilising, the transformation and metamorphosis, the spiralling, cyclic spinning of life. And in it all the humbling of ourselves into what is so ready to support us for we too are just an exhalation.


“Maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us.” ~ Mary Oliver

galia alena. visual poet. beauty unveiler, light huntress, moment caresser, visionary.

Join Galia for Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, Beloved Daughter, Goddess of Innocence and Growth, Hope

She intrigues me no end, this Queen of the Underworld and maiden Goddess of
Spring. Underestimated and over looked, dismissed as victim, child, pawn in the stories of others yet she is one who moves effortlessly between worlds, and dances in both the light and the shadow. She embodies the movements of life and death with such grace and isn’t scared to shadow mine. Dark feminine goddess, Goddess of Transformation, her gifts are as bountiful as the Spring she heralds.

♥  Shadow Mining
♥  Cycles
♥  Integration
♥  Rebirth & Transformation

We begin full moon in Scorpio Xx                 

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"A beaming woman is a Divine radiance living within the center of her heart" 

(Yogi Bhajan)


1. Download & print your goodies, below the video.

2. We are elated to see you here.  We adore tea & practicing with sisters & you came to us in a vision, so this workshop, Stretching into the Heart of the Modern Life is for you... 

Obviously you are a keeper of magic & home. A conscious, creative badass.

Welcome to, our practice of building the inner temple. 


Want to share this with your women?

Not everyone can come with you. As we grow, some of them have to fall away @AnnapurnaLiving @urbanorganica

Every single time we look at the moon, we are resetting ourselves hormonally @urbanorganica @AnnapurnaLiving

I have no tolerance for bullying Self. Act as if until you have the discipline @AnnapurnaLiving @urbanorganica

On illusion: perspective changes with time, information, capacity, response-ability @urbanorganica @AnnapurnaLiving

A simple & sincere meditation practice gives the opportunity to connect to your soul @AnnapurnaLiving @urbanorganica

We need a practice to be empty enough to let in the contributions of others @urbanorganica @AnnapurnaLiving

To recover self, other, & environment takes fierce discipline & commitment  @urbanorganica @AnnapurnaLiving

We have to grab our lives with both hands, look it straight in the eyes & own it @AnnapurnaLiving @urbanorganica



Thank you all so much, for how you show up. It's not normal, it's extraordinary. Today & every single day.  xx, Maya

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 Celebrating our dear Katie  @lotuswei  &amp; Lisa  @weiofchocolate  with citrus, sprouts &amp; power elixirs.&nbsp;

Celebrating our dear Katie @lotuswei & Lisa @weiofchocolate with citrus, sprouts & power elixirs. 

 Hannah  @hannahmarcotti , doing magic tricks for the altar.

Hannah @hannahmarcotti, doing magic tricks for the altar.

A peek, some provisionS, & LOVELINESS TO FOLLOW...

 Bringing diversity to film, producer Ardees  @deesy8 , families to music festivals &amp; A Thread of Connection parenting classes with Family Love Village, Eva, Leigh &amp; Tangee  @tangeelifecoach .

Bringing diversity to film, producer Ardees @deesy8, families to music festivals & A Thread of Connection parenting classes with Family Love Village, Eva, Leigh & Tangee @tangeelifecoach.

 Our hostess, mama, fashion icon &amp; activist  @angelalindvall , after leading us thru a gorgeous round of Kundalini tuning &amp; meditation,&nbsp;with  Kel  &amp;  Robin .

Our hostess, mama, fashion icon & activist @angelalindvall, after leading us thru a gorgeous round of Kundalini tuning & meditation, with Kel & Robin.

 Hot tubbing under the stars. Packed saunas at midnight.

Hot tubbing under the stars. Packed saunas at midnight.

 California-lush, in the secret, endless-canyon wilderness of Los Angeles.

California-lush, in the secret, endless-canyon wilderness of Los Angeles.

 Finding our archetypal anchors for the month, as led by Kelly  @umberdove .

Finding our archetypal anchors for the month, as led by Kelly @umberdove.

 Hay House author Lisa @thesassyshe breaking down some heart.

Hay House author Lisa @thesassyshe breaking down some heart.

 Amulets by @umberdove &amp; a sublime round of Lisa's storytelling + my very most beloved  chocolate meditations  - GO. Please, get some.

Amulets by @umberdove & a sublime round of Lisa's storytelling + my very most beloved chocolate meditations - GO. Please, get some.

 Our lunar mystics, Kristina  @musingmama  &amp; April  @themoonismycalendar . Keepers of  The Lunar Womb .

Our lunar mystics, Kristina @musingmama & April @themoonismycalendar. Keepers of The Lunar Womb.

 Rich  @thevikingyogi , our favorite Ayurvedic nurse,&nbsp;teaching marma massage before closing the circle with an epic, deep yoga nidra.

Rich @thevikingyogi, our favorite Ayurvedic nurse, teaching marma massage before closing the circle with an epic, deep yoga nidra.

 Love is our superpower. True.  #coyoteloon

Love is our superpower. True. #coyoteloon

 And here they are. Mama CEO Lyndi  @mamalyndi  with  #coyoteloon  makers Jenny  @jennydunham  &amp; Hannah.

And here they are. Mama CEO Lyndi @mamalyndi with #coyoteloon makers Jenny @jennydunham & Hannah.



 The birthday girls,  Lisa , &amp;  Katie , with yogi-mama-actress Carrie-Anne  @carrieannemoss  after she led us thru some Fierce Grace teachings &amp; meditation.

The birthday girls, Lisa, & Katie, with yogi-mama-actress Carrie-Anne @carrieannemoss after she led us thru some Fierce Grace teachings & meditation.

Big love, as the moon turns dark. 
May you trust the knowing that comes, so this next cycle is everything you see for yourself, your beloveds, your work & the planet.
We need it. It's important.
Oh yes. And may it be ridiculous. Over-the-top. All the goodness.
xx, Maya
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Join Carrie-Anne Moss & Maya Hackett for tea & a free live workshop, 

Stretching into the Heart of the Modern Life. 

Wednesday March 30th, 11am - 12:30pm

Join us live for gifts & if you can't make it, we'll send the replay!



How can we transcend everyday struggles, pressures & chaos to follow our brightest wishes? What kind of practice & perspective is needed to keep a living home & build our creative dreams - without using force or neglecting what's important? How can we create the grounding needed to step into the scary places, where we feel we aren't enough, or don't have enough? How can we relax into who we really need to be? What does it mean to be unstoppable? What does it mean to embody grace?


We will be sharing stories, tools, practice, & strategies from our dining tables, where it all happens.

How can we transcend everyday struggles, pressures & chaos to follow our brightest wishes?

What kind of practice & perspective is needed to keep a living home & build our creative dreams - without using force or neglecting what's important?

How can we create the grounding needed to step into the scary places, where we feel we aren't enough, or don't have enough?

How can we relax into who we really need to be? What does it mean to be unstoppable? What does it mean to embody grace?

If you're craving a practice that feeds the part of you that elevates, uplifts & expands, join us. 


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Libra Lunar Eclipse 

3 degrees 

March 23

12:02 UTC


Eclipses bring liberation. Merging of light & shadow. The innate balance found in wholeness. Full moon moon moon though. We’re feeling our way through this. Feeling our way through Libra. Through the mirroring & attachments that are illuminated now. Through the space between us & other. Between subjectivity & objectivity. The gentle yet firm culmination of a transition. There is so much to let go of because there is so much to receive. Restoration. 

Horoscopes are a compass for where intention may be accessed & illumination most happenin’. What you’re working with & need to know. For heightened insight, read for your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know yours yet, go ahead with your Sun sign!


A Libra Eclipse could mean the end of a relationship, collaboration, cooperation. It could. I won’t pretend to know what meaning it holds for you. What I will present to you is the potential for this to be the end of a battle you have been Warrior in for some time. A friction between You & who you have become for externally motivated purposes. Other people, other values, others wholeness. OR a friction between your internal motivation & integrating the existence/influence of Other. This is no doomsday. This is no prophecy. This is a free-will change in interpersonal dynamics. This is a cooperation with the "both-and" that enforces your agency. 



Be with the illuminations about your physical & functional capacities. Involve more beauty- according to your translation- into your everyday. Treat your life like art. Operate it as a creative process. If you need help, ask. If you need a clearer schedule, eliminate. If you need lighter work, let yourself off the hook. Just adjust it all to align with your code of ethics. Figuring that out? It will show now.



Whatever is coming to revelation/completion right now is an indicator of your relationship to self. Not the “I am because I am” self, but the “I am because I create”. It is all progress. Process. And it is all worthy of adoration. Other people may be involved, yet only as mirrors of You. Only as reflectors of your light…& shadow. The trick is not to reject or project either. It is the art of acceptance- sometimes it looks like space, sometimes like romance. Focus on your finesse. 



Liberation. A scary concept when you’re invested. When the who & what & why of your Love is Home. When space is met with resistance. When gray is uncomfortable. You’re familiar. Probably also over it. Ready for Full Circle. You’ll hear a lot about compromise with Libra. Concessions, even. And of course balance balance balance. Yet, I think that Libra craves more than that. It craves the gray. The “your sacred is sacred yet separate & so is mine”. Permission. So what does Full Circle feel like for You? 



Attachements to people, places, things- the input to your output, come into full view now. Who do you (not) need around? What relationships (self, situational, interpersonal) are receiving closure or restoration? Most importantly, how is it feeling? To engage, to disengage, to appreciate what is. Your experiences are data to analyze for how in-touch you are with the ideals that inform your movement. 



Give & Take. Receive & distribute. Secure & share.  Love it more or let it go. In-between is the question: what is enough? That question (& others) may be answered during this Eclipse. The cool thing is though, regardless of the certainty, you now know you’ll be ok even when you’re uncertain. When everything is uncertain. Your satisfaction doesn’t rely on approval, admiration, or acceptance from anyone/thing. Doesn’t even lie in material survival. Feels like freedom. Feels like air into suffocating lungs. Feels like your heart in high vibe reception. 



It’s time for the funeral. For the versions of yourself no longer resonant. One of those celebratory funerals though, where there’s laughter & reminiscing. Acknowledgement of the light that forms the shadow. The eclipse could be your Emergence. The Full Moon could be your funeral. Libra is there to gently yet firmly support you through. Shifting your attention to light, to love, to integration. If you have to make a choice, choose You. Trust You. The rest will sort itself out.



Self rejection masked as self protection. Enough said, right? But I want to remind you to listen to the whispers, the secrets & prayers only you can hear. You feel the separation between realms & “reality”. Worship is your solvent under this moon. When the whispers are loud & the secrets are shown. Worship of the Divine as You. In relationship with You. The worship of Goddess that inevitably gives you access to healing. Go back & forth with It if you must-you’re grounded in free-will. 



There’s a difference between commitment & attachment to the outcome of an investment. This applies to your work in the world & association with societies as it does to your visions & aspirations. Keep this in mind as the Eclipse clarifies your loyalties & adjusts your investments according to your visions. All you need to do is meet the Universe half-way & be willing. Also, congratulations on your actualization. 



I hope you’re not caught up in presenting a perfect image. I hope you rest in the ease of knowing that you’re efforts are appreciated. And then maybe this eclipse is not so much about feeling seen as it is about knowing that you deserve to be. Treating yourself like you know you what you deserve. That’s the way to It. Straight into the Empire. I have a feeling that you may already be there.


At your altar (internal or external), bring what you have carried in the name of love. Of loyalty. It is not that what you thought was is no longer meaningful. It is about attachment to meaning that constricts space- to form new attachments, to detach, to be in-between. At the altar, release is a ritual of adoration. Honoring what was. Trusting what will be. Show up for yourself & for what you have cared for.



 Making space for someone else within you is vulnerability. Intimacy is inevitable when you value transparency.  Cherish who shows up for you. There is so much about release within this Full Moon eclipse, yet I would advise you to lean into what you can appreciate. What you can trust. It could mean the transformation of pain & disease into revelation & power. 


lovelovelove, Ariana

Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 


Illumination on the bi-monthly lunacy & how to sync like the tide using your own chart. New Moons are clarity of intention; Full Moons are climax. Get yours. 

 {Readings are via email correspondence, with optional intro via phone/Skype, allowing space & time for an intuitive & interactive conversation.} 

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I’ve been wandering in the desert for hours, shouldering a pack so heavy it feels as if my hips will split in two, up and down over boulders and unstable rocks in a dry wash, side stepping prickly patches of cholla and acacia claws.  The sun is already down below the craggy mountains ahead, and a chill is taking hold already.  I stumble on yet another loose tumbled rock in the wash, and find myself face to face with a soft, white, graceful and stately plant, last years dried flower stalks towering above me, its roots buried deep in the side of the arroyo underneath the stones.

She takes my breath away.

I had no idea she would be coming along on this journey.

I know the dancing ocotillos and boney cholla well, the gracious and abundant creosote and dazzling purple blooms of desert lavender a buzz with bees- my long time friends, teachers, allies, and healers of my heart in so many ways….but Mother Sage.  She was an honest surprise.  Maybe I should not have felt such surprise, wandering in the remote desert hills of Southern California, but I didn’t even know that beloved and queenly White Sage could grow among the parched rocks of the Sonoran Desert landscape.  

As my heart melted in a brief moment of gratitude, hands still on the Earth holding myself up,  I offered a small pour from my bottle of water, and placed a single leaf in my mouth, upon my tounge- fortitude for the rest of the walk to base camp in the growing dark.  I had been feeling the possibility of not being able to take another step, as we were wandering, not quite sure how to find the base camp spot, but Mother Sage, she gave me strength.   “Go into the places you fear are not passable.”

When I finally arrived, she welcomed me to my desert home among the crumbling mountain boulders in a deep canyon.  Majestic spires of grey green fragrant leaves, on bushes at least 4 feet across, and 4 or 5 feet tall, tucked into sandy nooks between boulders, on the banks of a gurgling desert stream, a tiny oasis in the parched landscape.

Mother Sage was my sacrament for 10 days in ceremony, fasting, solitude, vision questing, dream working, praying, and crying.  She came to my pillow at night, I tasted her leaves on my tongue or steeped in my water from the spring fed creek, I burned dried out leaves in prayer and offering, I sang her my songs, and gave offerings of cornmeal from my pouch. A small thing really, for such a gift she gave to me, simply in her presence for my sacred work.


And why should all this matter?  It was purely a personal experience, one that felt profound to me, during a sacred time I cleared for myself both energetically and physically in my life.  And it is a perfect example of how plants show up for us in just the right moment, how relationships of trust and magic between plants (and all of nature really) and people develop and grow, and story of how we Earth dwellers can learn medicine and healing directly from the Earth and the plants we encounter in our days.  

Like most of us spiritually conscious folks, I have used white sage as a smudge, and even in some of my medicines, and usually I get it from someone I know who gathers it in a sacred and ethical way, or is growing it in their garden.  The overpopularity and excessive harvest of this special and sacred sage mother plant is something that really bothers me, as a plant person.  Not every single ceremony, and situation calls for burning sage.  In fact, most of the time, I tell my students to smudge with the plant the grows near them...maybe it is juniper, or sagebrush, or sweetgrass, or pine, or rosemary or lavender.  We all like and use more exotic things from time to time like frankincense, palo santo, or even white sage, when we live in a great frozen northland.   To get it down to brass tacks, I think it is really more about the RELATIONSHIP you cultivate with your sacred plant helpers, and a relationship involves not just how and why you use it, but how you respect its needs, sensitivities, abundance or lack thereof, sourcing or harvesting from ethical and sustainable sources.  Do you really know that plant?  Have you spent time with it?  Have you let its presence and environment inform your heart as well?  


This wasn’t the first time I had met white sage in California, I’ve even tried to grow it a time or two (sadly not successfully yet, though I’m planning to try again.)  Even though it was many years ago, I recall the same overwhelming gratitude and falling to my knees in her presence.  Almost like a queen so beautiful and kind and powerful, you can’t help but humble yourself in her presence.

Her regal presence surrounded me every day, greeting her in the morning on my way to take a pee, or at night on my way down by the river to pump water for the next day, her whitish leaves practically glowing, even without the moonlight during the new moon.


What spoke to me the most during these days about that queenly sage mother, was her gentle reminder to me, day in and day out, to hold the purity of my intent in my spiritual and soulful work.  I know and love sage as a cleansing smudge when the energy is heavy and dense, but there is really nothing quite like seeing and being with a living plant in its wildest home.  She reflected to me the purity of HER intent in holding the truly special and sacred canyon I camped in in a beautiful and sacred way.  Because she didn’t really grow all over, just in that one place….other washes and the alluvial fans were all full of cholla and ocotillo and brittlebush, but not sage.  Of course, environmental factors are at work, but the energy of the land is always reflected in the environmental presence of a land, including its features, and its inhabitants.  


Questing and fasting was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, and I lost resolve on more than one occasion, and always the sage leaves I sucked on, and placed in my water containers, and burned in offering in my sitting and praying, reminded me to hold the purity of my intent, to empty myself and purify myself, and trust in the process.  The queen sage mother felt like this presence watching over me, even when I felt like I was faltering, kind and strong. She perseveres and even thrives in the harshest and driest desert conditions.  She makes all things sacred.  

I’m finding it hard to even communicate the depth of her presence and strength that I experience so viscerally in the desert.  No one else deigned to take notice of her, as far as I could tell, just another plant in the crevices, but she was singing to me the whole time.    I suppose what I’m trying to express is how very important it is for us to LISTEN to our plant teachers, not just use them because of what we learned from a book or even what others have taught us.  Mother White Sage is SOOO much more than that simple and overused smudging ally that most of us like the smell of and feel of in our sacred space.  Have you really listened to her deeper song?  Do you know the way she holds her space and holds space for you too.  The way she exudes her pure presence without a shred of shame or hiding any part of herself.  The way her leaves drop upon the Earth, creating a blanket of fragrant duff for tiny scorpions to hide from the sun, and to collect water dew moisture and hold it close to her roots, even in that brutal sun.  

Listen now, to the SONGS of the plant teachers in your life, not just their human ways and uses, but the songs they sing when we aren’t looking, and the songs they whisper in our most open and fervent prayers.

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