Solstice is always marked with a bit of gold ink on my window sills. In the padded room (oh, yes. a must for boys that climb bare walls & jump from 20 feet inside the house), there's a line of slashes that tell me where the sun rose over Lake Tahoe, & in my bedroom room, where he sets, past Capay Valley. This morning I gathered the baby & we sat outside, at 5 am, to breathe the gold in. 

Of course it starts with a wash of bright, that seeps overhead until my tree tips flash with ochre. When the actual star appears, we take one full, deep, slow breath, letting that bright wash each lung, each organ, each cell with warmth, length & fresh possibility. I blink, to "snap" my heart-shot, to record it's place in the sky for later, when I put the gold Sharpie nib to the wood of my window. I'm an owl that loves the mornings. We'll be doing this again later this week, only because we can. Join us where you are, in your time, & we'll be sharing in a collective renewal.


Here's a few ways to celebrate the Solstice + Full Moon tides this week: 

*Eat the sun! The lush nourishment above = Raw rice wraps with the best dipping sauce ever, sweet + savory toasts, mini eggplant pizzas, sushi bowls, breakfast bowls & fresh fruit popsicles are so easy & really, simply, holy. Elsa's Wholesome Life overflows.

*Swoon, be shaken, touched + *step* into your own art activism, inspired by our loves Alixa & Naima of Climbing PoeTREE. Consider survival as a triumph, & celebrate those that spread their fire. Let the ancestors evolve as you.

*Consider a kitchen healing = get ahead of your hunger while making home with our friend Jules Blaine Davis.

*Dive into your current astral psychological climate with Chani Nicholas, who's always on, & wide-awake to the heart of feminism, social justice, & the LGBQTI2S families.  Her readings always empower my inner fire to follow the brightest impulse.

*Choose to celebrate all of life, & the gifts you were given, by claiming a space at Intuit & Inspire.  Umberdove/Kelly Clark & Robin E. Sandomirsky are longtime Empress Tides alumni + collaborators, & they move us in very different ways. This is a retreat that's really a wisdom school led by the most playful spirits. It will be depth + delight + sistership + practice + movement and you will make art with a master creatrix. Do it. 

*Make a sun mandala, using flowers, paints, or food, in goldenrod, poppy, yellow, peach, & mustard.  There's no right way, but I love Danielle Cohen's photography question, "Are you a finder or a maker?" If you generally document the world around you, this is a chance to be a maker & play stylist.

*Up your creative calm & clarity amongst the chaos. Saturn*s Sister opens on the New Moon, & over the next few weeks we'll be sharing plenty of free resources. Join the tribe here.

*Gather outside, to be with your neighbors at dusk. Put the chairs out on the sidewalk, throw out a picnic blanket, or pick up some burritos to eat at the park. Be with others while the day draws long & let the whole thing be an extended exhale. Just because you can.



Thank you for being a part of our larger family. So much more love & reciprocation for your Way is coming. You know I love it behind the scenes. But our  Carrie-Anne has invited me to show my Way. It's only fair, since that's my invitation to all of you! So here we go. Like her, my way is that of sun. Go. Grow. Flow. Everything that rhymes with OH. #leoleos           


xx, Maya

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