Connecting with Spirit in Nature 
:: Animal Allies {part 3 of 3}

This is my last installment in the Showing up for Spirit series for Moonrise 13 & Empress Tides. It has been such an honor to share these words and photos with you. It is my hope that the material has been useful for you in some way as you continue on path. ~Kristina


It doesn't matter whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural environment, there are animals everywhere. The animals that are showing up in your life can become your allies, bringing messages from Spirit with their arrival.


In many ways it’s easier to connect with plants and/or trees in nature because you know where to find them. Animals are trickier because they find you. Even when you know where a certain animal spends time, they may not be there when you go looking. This brings an extra layer of magic to animal encounters.


The easiest way to begin connecting is to start paying attention to the animals showing up in your environment; the birds in your backyard, any animals you see on the street when you are out and about, even insects that might come into your home. You don’t have to track every animal you see in the world. Allow this to be fun and easy. Whatever animal catches your attention, for whatever reason - let this animal be a guide for you.


Each animal carries special medicine, a wisdom teaching. How you interpret this message is quite personal. I am going to invite you to become your own oracle in discovering the medicine of the animals you encounter in your life.


First step: Notice when and where you encountered the animal. What were you doing? What were you thinking about? Were you alone or with others? What was your mood like, your energy levels? These are all important questions to help you tune into your life in the moments that you crossed paths with the animal. This will give you possible themes to work with, places where this animals medicine might be best put to use.


Next step: Spend some time considering any or all of the following questions. Start with the questions that you can answer by observation or information that you already know about this animal. Once you have tapped into your own knowledge and intuition, feel free to research online or at the library for more clues to the message from spirit.


  • What behaviors of this animal are interesting to you?
  • What environment does this animal thrive in? The air, the water, underground, in trees...
  • How does it navigate it's environment? On two legs, four legs, with wings...
  • Is this animal slow or fast?
  • What is this animal's strongest sense organ?
  • Does this animal like to spend time alone or in community?
  • Is this animal outgoing and confident or shy and reclusive?
  • Is this animal quiet or noisy?
  • Is this animal aggressive or does it avoid conflict?
  • What does this animal like to eat? Is it an omnivore, an herbivore, a carnivore....
  • How does this animal groom itself?
  • Does this animal change form, shed skin, molt, shed or otherwise shape-shift?
  • What is this animals most prominent feature?
  • Is this animal active in the day or night?
  • What season is it right now and how does it's activity change with the seasons?
  • Where does this animal make it's home? A nest, a den, a thicket of grass?
  • What temperature does this animal thrive in? Warm? Does it like sunshine? Cool? Does it prefer the shade?
  • How does this animal behave in community?
  • How does this animal interact when it mates?
  • Does this animal mate for life?
  • What is the length of this animals gestation cycle?
  • How does this animal birth and raise it's young? 
  • What do you like about this animal?
  • What do you not like about this animal?
  • Any other questions that you might have about this animal…


At some point during your research and observation you are going to have an a-ha moment. You will know what the message the axial is brining you if you let yourself know. This is extra important if you are receiving a more challenging piece of medicine. Remember - no animal has "bad" medicine to share. When you reframe a “negative” message it can become guidance into your own shadow material. Allow all medicine to further your own evolution.


One final note - do NOT try to fit your experience around someone else’s opinion. If someone tells you what medicine your animal ally brings that doesn’t feel true to you, trust yourself. Allow your inner wisdom guide you to your own understanding and interpretation of the animals you encounter in your life. This is the entry point to personalizing the medicine this animal is bringing to you and an opportunity to invite a seemingly random encounter into a magical connection with Spirit.



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