>>> POLLEN {institute} LIVE <<<


POLLEN {institute} LIVE is a very special kind of moonrise (feminine, bio-effective mastermind),
built on many years of combined spiritual practice.

Each of us - Katie, Lisa, and Maya, have built our businesses as part of our Spiritual Assignment.

We want to gather with those who live with the same understanding.



POLLEN {institute} LIVE

for Founders, Executives, CIRCLE and medicine keepers


with Katie Hess, Lisa Reinhardt and Maya Hackett 

For years, we've dreamed of gathering with our women (that's you), on a 6-acre, completely off-grid, family-run organic garden and million-dollar kitchen in Mexico. Oh yes. La Cocina Que Canta. “The Kitchen That Sings!”


To do absolutely nothing for three days.

We've wanted to offer up the chance to moonrise live, but only after we've gotten to the same frequency from days of calm, spaciousness,  sistership, and, oh, a 6 month Wei of Chocolate meditation practice + loads of Lotus Wei flower medicine. Let's call this our Respite.

We wanted to experience full-dose transmission from the plants, Earth & Sky. Quantum, cell-level learning. Open-space, open eyed research labs into the nature of bliss. Let's call this our Sanctum.

And then we wanted to see what kind of work there is to do for another 7 days.

Once the moonrise starts, after our Respite & Sanctum, we will explore our legacies from 100 years out, and develop a promise to Earth, our Communities, our Beloveds, and Ourselves. 

We will wander Rancho La Puerta resort, work the farm, gather food for our meals, and harvest flowers for our own, custom elixirs, sprays and serums, based on our unique needs and intentions.

We will gather in the kitchen and make fine chocolates, while learning to savor the space between two thoughts.

We will flesh out our promises into feminine business strategy, and create a map that includes our personal moon cycles, so that our biology and hormones work for our vision

We will consider the astral bodies and work with the moon and tides to make sure the Universe is working for our vision, too.

We will circle and consider how the Earth has been dreaming thru us, what this means, what's missing and what's needed. 

We will work with the gesture of our business, and distinguish our own distinct building gesture, it's gifts, capacities and blind spots. We'll come to understand what we cannot do from that gesture, and take on a botanical spirit guide to teach us a few new tricks. Or an entirely new creative paradigm.

Finally, we will capture our learning into a linen bound compass. We will leave with a few new rituals, a bag of handcrafted soaps, serums, sprays, elixirs and chocolates. Most importantly, we'll have a Blessed Village of karmically-entwined sisters, honored to witness the fulfillment of your larger promise to humanity.

At least, that's the plan. Honestly, who knows!

Lisa has been focusing on her family lineage, and loving up her parents. She's taken our favorite chocolate-meditations into a game-changing subscription-based practice.

Katie is hosting Flowerlounge tours with so many brave and sublime women, & crafting all kinds of high-frequency magic around her epic new book, Flowerevolution (with Louie Schwartzberg | Hay House). 

Maya is in so deep with Calibration Institute, D and her four boys. She calls life #thegreatfullness, and wow, does it include a lot of tadpoles, wheels, and things to clean.

And we should do this, yes?

Yes. Yes, we know. Earth has been dreaming thru us.

Those of you that come will be the ones we dreamed. 

And when we dreamed this, it was a dream for US:

As Facilitants (Facilitator | Participants), we are completely nurtured, revitalized, and nourished in this dream. We are gifted with a  community of lofty values for the week. Sisterkeepers that take their roles in their homes, communities and businesses maybe too seriously. And together, we melt down, we let down...we bliss out.

Then we tune into the finer frequencies of our life's work. We reconsider, redefine, and reinvent right livelihood. We shed the options that seem burdensome and cumbersome. We make our platforms, our tasks and our teams into an even lighter, more ease*full* space. 

Want to join us? (We're thinking…2019?)

Great. We want that, too.

Drop us a note below, and we'll let you know as soon as the perfect moment arrives.

with love, love, and more love,    Lisa, Maya & Katie

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