POLLEN INSTITUTE is a global learning community.

we gather to catalyze geniuS: building movements, businesses & initiatives that forward life.


We have resources that you likely won't find anywhere else.

They come from years of diverse, collective experience.

We serve magic, culture, & community keepers. 



The most important product of any business, initiative, community or movement is the wellbeing of the community landscape.


So we seek out projects from talented, real-life culture keepers that grow themselves as individuals, community members and global citizens. Each luminary has an exquisite, refined aesthetic with a solid dose of political savvy. They are different in history, practice, and belief. 

Our projects, retreats and expeditions forward social justice, cultural preservation and environmental initiatives. We are fundamentally philanthropical, and obsessed with good design + good design thinking.

Our experience is that answers and solutions best come from within communities. So charity is out. Partnership is the way. "Solidarity," and "ally," are not words to be used lightly. They are moments of learning partnership, not notches on one's belt.

 When we come together, it's to create at the societal level. We are activists, accountable to our communities, business owners who've run persistent, consistently profitable businesses, and teachers who've successfully taught thousands who have gone on to:


-buy the farm, & grow the village

-start their own magazines, restaurants, shops and studios

-build from scratch and sell for over $100 Million

-transform their local community

-create documentaries & have them featured in coveted film festivals

-create both intimate circles and large, profitable online circles

-get on the bestseller lists

-and a buncha other dreamy things.


So we know…that it's HARD to be On Purpose. Oh, gosh, it's hard, hard knocks, crazy-making, and 24/7 living from our commitments. Life schools us, people school us, we just fuck up sometimes. And. These are all problems worth having.

Every One who has ever held a spark in their heart and brought it into the world is a parent. That's true. 

We believe there are billions of ways to forward life. We are founders, designers, stylists, healers, birth workers, authors and deep social ecologists who know there are millions On Purpose, working for good, right now. It's just as important to stay home and support some of these folks as it is to be one. Sometimes we are nothing but a pool of emotion on the kitchen floor.

We believe in the Possibility of Enough :: Holding All Resources as Plentiful + Precious. And that the Possibility of Enough implies big response-ability, nourished visions, small carbon footprints and quality community for support. It's a willingness to operate from conscious contentment. It's a life's work. It's not easy. It's worthwhile. 

We believe that each moment is an opportunity to reclaim and renew. We are diverse in our backgrounds and understand that sustainability and social justice require cultural preservation and Earth Medicine. We understand that our hopes and dreams for humanity are entwined with inherited racism, scarcity and stories of separation. As writers, we understand that language is often futile. And it is also our food and fuel for burning.

We know that we are all children of Earth. We are given by her rhythms and tides, and so she dictates where we walk and how we place our hands. Each gesture is unique, and still, each gesture is an opportunity to recover self, recover other, and recover our ecology. We might be bad at it. At the same time, it's a privilege to even consider.

It is our opportunity to seek to understand, knowing we cannot fully, and to act from where we are. What we present are not solutions, but declarations from our very best questions.

We believe that all human lives have equal worth. Getting paid what you're  worth is absolute rubbish. You are priceless. You have always, always been priceless.

We believe that desire is great for individuals and individuals that want to make a difference. Wanting is real, it's useful, it's a manifesting tool. AND.  It often feels like 1980's materialistic gift to itself. It's an insufficient tool for those who live like community is the self worth caring for. That's a whole different paradigm.

We believe that you have a few inherent, innate qualities that are also your prayers for the world. Those qualities are your Beacons. You are known for those qualities. Fill up on them, so you have more than enough of YOU to give.  

We know that our Earth is our mother is our home is our source is our power. Divinity is here, now. 

We cherish your unique journey, your chosen path and how you navigate your distinct landscape. You are gifted with a truth, a trance that comes in waves with the Spring tides each month. You are We. We go to extremes. We drop the pretense. And We don't fuck around with drama. The world is in too much peril for such things. And we believe that family holds all the answers we need.

We cast the circle of our family to include Earth, Sea and Sky. Our elders include the plant people, the minerals, the furred, scaled, and winged ones. All of them our teachers, our precious beloveds.

This is the time to move where you are most moved. To follow where the energy is. To follow that crazy thing into a great change. We are here to support you with all of that.




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