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I died as a mineral and became a plant;

I died as a plant and rose to animal;

I died as animal and I was a man.

Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?



I’m in a holding pattern. I’m holding too much, way too much, I hold it so tight that I’m almost crushing it, crushing myself. And it feels so heavy.

Holding on too tight to things that are impossible to hold- life, this moment, today, the past. 

I’m looking for the strength to let it all go, to lay it down to rest, to release it for it is not mine to hold, it never was.

I’m looking for the love and trust to say goodbye, to let it all go.


I’m dreaming of a lightness. I’m dreaming of things moving through and out, of twirling and dancing with the moment instead of trying to hold it. I’m dreaming of rest, of feeling fully supported in each moment- I don’t need to do the supporting.


I shut my eyes, I feel the earth beneath my feet, she’s soft and warm and willing. She whispers to me to lay it all down. I hesitate, but I know its time. I kiss all the things I’ve been holding, holding way too tight, and I give them over to her, I give them over to the earth where they belong. I place them on the ground and she receives them with such grace, I feel her smiling. She takes it all.


I feel the space created, I feel expanded. I sit awhile listening to her sigh- the breath of mama earth. I watch all the things she supports, I see flowers bloom and fade, I see leaves sprout and fall, I see all the life she holds in her depths. I see seasons come and go- she inhales, and she exhales.


And she too is supported. The stars, the moon, the sun, they support her- moving rhythmically with her inhale and exhale and I barely in a breath.


I inhale, hold, release, let go, empty, expanded, expectant, I inhale and so it goes.


“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” – Rumi


Transient gifts of such wonder. We die with each moment so we may live into the next.


A million deaths in this life, a million moments to treasure, to breath in and live into, to exhale and release. Bittersweet cycles of life that teach us the beauty in each delicate moment. The dying in order to be reborn, renewed. The releasing in order to be expanded.  The composting and fertilising, the transformation and metamorphosis, the spiralling, cyclic spinning of life. And in it all the humbling of ourselves into what is so ready to support us for we too are just an exhalation.


“Maybe death isn’t darkness, after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us.” ~ Mary Oliver

galia alena. visual poet. beauty unveiler, light huntress, moment caresser, visionary.

Join Galia for Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, Beloved Daughter, Goddess of Innocence and Growth, Hope

She intrigues me no end, this Queen of the Underworld and maiden Goddess of
Spring. Underestimated and over looked, dismissed as victim, child, pawn in the stories of others yet she is one who moves effortlessly between worlds, and dances in both the light and the shadow. She embodies the movements of life and death with such grace and isn’t scared to shadow mine. Dark feminine goddess, Goddess of Transformation, her gifts are as bountiful as the Spring she heralds.

♥  Shadow Mining
♥  Cycles
♥  Integration
♥  Rebirth & Transformation

We begin full moon in Scorpio Xx                 

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>>> Dark {Shaman’s} Moon: 25th of November (Sagittarius) <<<

Full moon in Gemini

Moon Energy: Transformation, shadow work and releasing the past, gratitude, reflection and integration.


Our dear friend Galia pulls cards in deep ceremony, often from her garden in Australia, & always invoking the 5 elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit. Her readings are sometimes joined by animal guides, while she pulls from many years of intuitive practice with the Holy Trinity of Animal, Plant & Stone. For those looking to work with the lunar cycles in 2016, her readings will bring an important mirror to the path.

Get Galia's personalized reading for the year, 13 Moons, including a PDF of your reading, audio & a photograph of the cards drawn, here

xx, Maya 

visual poet. beauty unveiler, light huntress, moment caresser, visionary.
Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people peel back the layers to experience the intense beauty of each moment allowing access to both their intuitive wisdom and a deeper connection to spirit and self.                 

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"When you do not speak, the thousand stars that lay upon your tongue slide back down your throat only to be swallowed one by one, jagged, pointed and weighing more than planets. When we swallow the truth, we turn our bodies into graveyards."

Tama Kieves

Two images insisted in speaking to you together this month, Shadow Gardener and Butterfly Song, one that speaks of mining our shadows and the other whose message is around speaking our truths.

We are in the tides of Samhain and I’m sitting to write this, deep in contemplation over how insistent  Butterfly Song was to come forward at this time, time of veils thinning and shadows emerging and how connected it is to Shadow Gardener, diving into our own shadows.

It is deep soul work to be constantly clearing the throat chakra, to ensure that the words that fly out are truly the words you wish to see set flight and that none are left behind, their delicate wings furled around their truths, your truths. I’m thinking both of those who were burnt at the stake for speaking their truths. I’m thinking of those who are silenced because their words might shake foundations long overdue to crumble. I’m thinking of how knowing our truths often requires us to walk the path of Persephone and traverse both the spring gardens in the light and the depths of the underworld, to incorporate it all into out being, the contradictions, the shadows and the light, all of it, all of us. I’m also thinking of those insidious little lies that slip out to shield someones feeling, to keep the peace, slowly wearing away at our integrity like water over a stone. It may seem calm but its slowly washing away parts of the whole.

Speaking our truth first means knowing our truth and that is not always easy especially given that truth is plural and ever changing. It involves diving into the underworld, looking in the shadow and claiming the truths that we don’t even wish to speak to ourselves. Owning it all, our humanness.

Speaking our truths also means knowing the difference between expression and projection- its the difference between expressing to clear and be seen vs inflicting and perpetuating.  Expression holds much power, the power of manifestation, and I think that this is where some of the fear comes in. It is where the heart must lead and intentions direct- trust in your divinity.

Rumi says 'The wound is the place where the Light enters you.’ and as much as I love the wisdom and beauty of Rumi, I lay in shavasana one day and it hit me that he had it backwards, the wound is the place where the light shines out of you, those delicate and vulnerable places of truth.

Sometimes I think our expression is our most important work, especially if we are to allow spirit to dream through us which spirit surely wishes to do.  Expression in its purest form connects the throat chakra with the sacral chakra in a creative dance of transformation led by Anahata chakra. Dive deep into your shadow gardens, dig deep in the fertile grounds of your truths, express cleanly and truly all that wishes to be born through your full and radiant expression. Let your expression dance spirit into this world.

Shadow Gardener: 

Shadow gardener
picking seeds off the bones, out of the darkness
what precious fruits
she will conjure 

Shadow gardener
diving past mask’s reflection through turbid depths filled fertile with life’s shunned unpolished gems 

Gentle hands
healing through attention, disregarded treasures
rise with flamed wings
to guide even Persephone 

Shadow Gardener rises through the veils by the wings of her gifted prize
no gold coins needed 

She who gardens the shadows stands tallest in the light 


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"The garden of the world has no limits

Except in your mind.

Its presence is more beautiful than the stars

With more clarity

Than the polished mirror of your heart." -Rumi


This card was most insistent about being chosen for you today. Perhaps because I’m sitting the winter sun in my garden, in my corner of the world, listening to birdsong and the sound of the Australian bush. I can also hear the bamboo chimes that hang above me from the tree that is just about to burst forth. At the moment it sits quiet and expectant, a quiet promise ready to explode. Oh how I remember last year when it’s shock of bright pink flowers exploded against the blue sky, scenting my garden with such sweetness and causing tears of sheer amazement every time I wandered out, which was often as I couldn’t bear to stay away. We hung glass jars with fairy lights from her branches and lingered into the evenings. So many unexpected delights, so much beauty that it was almost too much to bear.

Of course those blooms give way to fruit which nourished all the winged one who share this place with me, lifting their song… and so it goes…

So this card asks what magic do you have lying just below the surface ready to explode forth if only you could just get out of your own way and allow it? What gifts of pure, soul shattering beauty are inevitable expressions of your gesture? And what fruits will develop and mature over time nourishing all that need your magic and raising the collective song? These gifts are there just beneath the surface, ready to find themselves manifest. You are invited to play and follow your whims, to flow and allow the beauty of your joy to radiate out in whatever form it wants. It is inevitable, it is cyclic, it is already written and it is pure magical conjuring… and so it is…

Allow Hare to guide you. She teaches us to aim for our dreams. Hare is linked to the moon cycles and unlike the rabbit is wild and untameable and of course, is connected with rebirth and fertility. Hare is also a guide to connect you to magic and the other worlds and today she brings you the energy of Spring. EnJOY.

(This painting is available here { } if you feel the call in your bones and soul to have it as a talisman for your journey.)

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Yesterday, I sat on my dock and listened to our guests: science teachers & professors discussing "the edge of science," and a phenomena called "future-thinking."  You know, when we do crazy things, like musing over someone ahead of their call, and knowing what's going to happen next. Apparently this has been documented thru observation of the New York Stock Exchange. They spoke of how we generally access the past, and yet, we can "future-think" things. I stayed silent. Western Science has a funny way of being wowed at things it simply hadn't noticed. {and more because it's nearly impossible to hold a conversation with a toddler surrounded by water} I'm going to look it up, of course, as a #botaneconomist, {I made that up} and, living with empaths and intuitives, I am also wowed, all the time. 

While children, as part of our cultural medicine tradition, my brothers and I were encouraged to dream aware, to be active members of our sleep. When awake, we experienced the full-sensory flight of astral travel. It's in this way, as a child in San Francisco, that I first saw the popping cardinal, rust and lemon tree cover, lakes, and pointed rooftops here in my New Hampshire home.  In the "vision," which included a cold lift + wind in my hair, I glided over white clapboard and shingled homes I now know so, so well.  I've talked about this memory for years, but it's not until this moment that I'm bringing these things together. {wow}

This morning there were raindrops, mixed in with the waves outside my window, and I breathed them in, while collecting bits from my softly lucid sleep.  In moonrise, we are calibrating our reticular functions for bio-effective movement building :: setting up our neurology to capture magic, and nothing less. I wondered, as I lay, if we should start with oracle readings.

Of course I wake up to this gift, a circle reading from our prolific sisterkeeper + legacy alumni Galia Alena.  She was clearly doing a bit of astral travel herself, from Oz, and right on time. 

xx, Maya

“Not all who wander are lost.” JRR Tolkein

There are dreams so precious and delicate, so close to ones heart, that they need the still darkness and space to blossom into their budding potential. They can feel too delicate to name and certainly to fragile to share, sometimes even with yourself. Your relationship to them is at once tenuous and true; they are the seeds of potentiality that lie in the space that connects you with all. They are your gifts to the world and from the world.


What delicate dream are you nurturing and protecting, what wish is held safe and close to your heart?


This card, La Folle, invites you to think about your own path and wanderings. Are you willing to listen to the quiet space within that beacons you down roads of your own making? Do you give free space to wander through your own dreamscapes? Do you allow yourself to leave the path behind in order to find your way home to yourself? What do you need to take with you? Who are your faithful allies who will keep you company on your journey? What do you need to unpack to lighten your load and free yourself for the great adventure that is your own life? Drop into your body and check in with how you are feeling at the thought of new beginnings - is their excited anticipation, quiet mystery, edges wanting to be stretched or remembering of wisdom in your bones. Blessed sister, its your own personal guiding star that calls you to begin, begin with this moment, where you are, the present. The present is always a beginning, always a choice, always an invitation, begin begin begin.


“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.”  Dante

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