"straight up, your conversation is next-level. everything else is just a distraction." 

-bryant t. award-winning cookbook author. social justice advocate


"so many swirling ideas, inspirations, & collaborations! what is this feeling that happens when you LIVE INTO your purpose? i don't know how to describe it. just giddy with all the possibilities for reconnecting women to nature. restoring them. restoring the wild. women as earth keepers, wild priestesses, culture-healers!! and i get to facilitate that!!! the nourishment! wow! after having been given a BIG YES from the women in our circle, i finally remember the call ~ the contract. breathing new life into it. following through on all the things that light me up! sacred ecology. divine connection. restoration of our wild souls that mirrors the wild places in nature. my soul's purpose. the reason i was put here on this earth! it LIGHTS up every synapse & nerve ending in my body until i'm literally buzzing with just exactly how profound it is that everything i've ever needed to make this happen is right in front of me!! right within me, living in my history. in my DNA. and for the first time in my life i feel totally READY to make it happen. this is my activism. this is my wild spirit heart."

-sarah s. earthwalker. guide. mama


"i've been around a long time & seen a lot of things. maya's one of a small of group of facilitators, handpicked from around the world, doing some of the finest work on the planet right now."

-lynne t. best-selling author. fundraiser. consciousness-raiser


"you not just a rock star. you are a heavy electro blast from the new paradigm cosmic gritty sexy twang love song deep drum n bass moon rock blindingly hot star."

-marybeth b.  word alchemist. magazine founder


"inspired anew by this TEDx talk by one of my mentors, Maya Corinne. I am a plate spinner, gathering queen and what i hold in my basket i offer to you with sincere intentions that it empower you."

-lisa h. artist. ritualist. writer. mom



"okay soul sisters...i'm experiencing feeling that i've never felt before on this level of my life. maya...on yesterday's call tuned me into it. guess what...i'm in LOVE...with my life! i'm dancing around, singing off tune, being incredibly silly, talking too much (rambling), talking to my cats as if they were really listening...simply blissful. i feel like i have a hot date tonight! such a shift in how i love. i feel like i'm on twinkle toes from the second i wake up to the second i fall asleep. i'm sleeping WAY less and eating WAY less! no forcing...just happening. AMAZING! truly the best blessing EVER! i feel like a group hug right now!"

-shelly n.  educator. creative. retreat leader.


"i know i've talked to many of you about working with this beautiful woman. but there aren't enough words to convey the truth she inspires, speaks, and lives. she's not supporting the building of small businesses. she's resetting the rhythm of the Earth, one woman at a time."

"nodding my head in full knowing with each page. as my family & i revisit the moon storm work this season, giving it more of  a family focus, we look to our home base as our centerpiece. these keystones will be so great for us to discover as we work to heal the last few years of broken agreements in the name of perfection & ambition that left out conversations around our family. so grateful of your voice & your way of seeing."

-latisha l. herbmother


"maya you are a wonder. i so admire your commitment to living your values as strongly as you do. you seem to be so innovative in the ways you approach business & social change. so inspiring."

-tad h. founder. marketing genius


"it's the big picture for moms who know what's up."

-angela l.  environmental activist. mom. fashion icon


"if you've been wondering what's up and how i am getting so clear on what i am up to. i need to tell you what's rocked my world, life and bizniz - maya corinne. it's about creating a legacy...a bizniz for your soul."

angélique arroyo. wise woman. herbalist. activist


"you are fairyfuckinggodmotherhowlingmamawolfmagic."

-pixie l. author. shadow worker


"suspend all judgement & disbelief. read & bask in the surrender of her human experience...maya & her crew are amazing. they are reliable magic makers."

-jess b. tech owner


"we need maya's creativity to map concepts that are hard to untangle at the level of group."

-ocean r. renowned visionary. founder


"not morsels. but nuggets of gold."

-wendy p. waterkeeper


"this is fabulous work. it seems so obvious that we should take these balances into consideration of what we will create/tolerate, but, in the name of a goal, it is so easy to let the scales tip!" 

-courtney c.  rewilding educator


"the It Factor Source."

jacqueline c.b. artist. teacher. retreat leader


"hands over my heart in gratitude. just the medicine i needed...maya embodies the dynamic creative force - i truly got tingles the first time i heard her share on TED about building a conscious creative legacy. since then i've joined her collective, and along with a small group of consciously kindred women, am actively involved in building my own creative legacy."

-katie k. artist. author. retreat leader


"i just watched your TED Talk & thought it was excellent. it's easy to see when one let's their heart flow, but your flow passes through eddies of wit, intuition, poise & connection. very whole. very important. i very much liked and appreciate your message. thank you for putting it out there. with gratitude."

-randi b.  coach. sister keeper. mom


"as i've walked this earth, i've not seen many who have your depth of insight & level of integrity."

-evon p. tribal leader


"genius infused with kindness | integrity | laser lucidity."

-gillian d. photographer. salon owner. mama.


"listening. listening as a verb. sitting very consciously, listening of the highest commitment, the light, what really wants to happen, for the highest good...takes us out of it. listening as a verb. it's a different thing than projecting, there is an inquiry into it, a curiosity to it. and, Humour...we really get to choose....things i'm learning from maya. new ways of working."

-linden b. puppeteer. permaculturist. pioneer. homesteader. 


“well. you understand about dads, daughters & cashmere.  you know all about comfort & being there.”

-michelle p. legendary actress


"having my 100 year game mapped allows me to do all the mundane day to day shiz while being full of gratefulness, beauty and clarity. truly heals me."

-jennette n. make to mender