If you're living with more-than-enough, and feeling lost in this area, we assure you, you're not. Those with multi-generational resources have always been more concerned with where money is going, as opposed to where it's coming from. And. Go it does. If you would like to make sure you don't blow the dough, whether you have earned wealth, inherited wealth, or more complex stewardship, feel free to contact us, & we can generate a Giving Plan based on your highest values. There are millions working for good, right now. We'd like to help you find your people. That might mean activists, founders and project visionaries, &, you might just want to meet some of our alumni {worth a collective $14 B}, for an interview about what they did. Together we will excavate any money issues, trauma, and blocks so you can think, feel and work from a clear container. Fill out the form below.

And, there's also a nice bunch of resources down below, on transformative philanthropic models.

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These links to advisorsorganizations, booksarticlesspeeches, and resources for youth are an introduction to some of those working to democratize philanthropy and explore innovative ways to give money.

The resources below are working in a wide variety of ways to transform philanthropy:


Finding a Philanthropic Coach

These two Advisors are available to offer further information for philanthropists and foundations who are ready to start their own Flow Fund Circles:



Bolder Giving  www.boldergiving.org
Bread for the Journey  www.breadforthejourney.org
Changemakers  www.changemakers.org
Changemakers Australia  www.changemakers.org.au
Charity Focus  www.charityfocus.org
Do Something.org  www.dosomething.org
Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP)www.epip.org/index.php
Inspired Legacies www.inspiredlegacies.org
Fetzer Institute  www.fetzer.org/loveandforgive
Funding Exchange www.fex.org
Global Fund for Women www.globalfundforwomen.org
Global Greengrants Fund www.greengrants.org
Grantmakers without Borders   www.gwob.net
Heifer Project International www.heifer.org
Institute for Philanthropy  www.instituteforphilanthropy.org.uk
International Network of Women’s Funds  www.inwf.org
Jewish Funders Network www.jfunders.org
Mama Cash www.mamacash.nl
More than Money  www.morethanmoney.org
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy www.ncrp.org/
National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers www.nncg.org/
Neighborhood Funders Group www.nfg.org
Reimagine Money www.reimaginemoney.org/
Resource Generation www.resourcegeneration.org 
RSF Social Finance www.rsfsocialfinance.org
Seva Foundation www.seva.org
SmartLink www.smartlink.org/index.htm
Third Wave Foundation, www.thirdwavefoundation.org
Threshold Foundation  www.thresholdfoundation.org
Women Donor’s Network  www.womendonors.org
Women’s Funding Network www.wfnet.org
YES! www.yesworld.org
Youthgive   www.youthgive.org
Youth on Board www.youthonboard.org
Zing Foundation  www.zings.org

For a more complete list of U.S. organizations, download the PDF:“Social Change Foundations and Community-based Philanthropy: A State-by-State Guide”  


Books, Magazines and Journals

Creating Change through Family Philanthropy: The Next Generationby Alison Goldberg and Karen Pittelman, Soft Skull Press, 2007 

Inspired Philanthropy, Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan & Leaving a Legacy, 3rd edition, by Tracy Gary with forward by Suze Orman , Jossey Bass, 2007

Money and the Meaning of Life by Jacob Needleman, Doubleday, 1991. 

More than Money Magazine 

The Giving Family: Raising Our Children to Help Others, by Susan Price, Council on Foundations, 2001.

The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist, WW Norton, 2003

We Gave Away a Fortune, by Christopher Mogil and Peter Woodrow, New Society Publishers, 1991



PDF article: “Intuition, Trust, and a Great River of Money” by Chet Tchozewski, Executive Director of Global Greengrants Fund

“Social Change Philanthropy and How It’s Done” by Alison Goldberg

“Social Change Philanthropy” by Lisa Tracy and Tracy Gary


Reports, presentations, speeches

PDF Copy: "Transformational Philanthropy: An Exploration", by Duane Elgin and Elizabeth Share with John Levy and Tracy Gary

Looking Out for the Future: An Orientation for Twenty-first Century Philanthropists The Future of Philanthroyp's Final Report

Download PDF transcript: “The Power and Role of Intuition in Powerful Grantmaking” from Council on Foundations Conference, April 10, 2005.

“Transformational Philanthropy: Celebrating 15 Years with TPI” by The Philanthropic Initiative


Curricula, Games and Youth

Community-based Youth Philanthropy, Every Voice in Action Foundation

Creating Tomorrow's Philanthropists: Curriculum Development for Youth: New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising, No. 36  by Patriciat O. Bjorhovde (Editor) Jossey Bass, 2003

Karma Tycoon - A game created by DoSomething.org

Learning to Give: A K-12 curriculum on giving, volunteering and philanthropy for teachers and parents  www.learningtogive.org

Roots & Shoots a Program of the Jane Goodall Institute

ru MAD (Are You Making A Difference?) 

Ryan’s Well Foundation and DVD

The Word for Me Is Philanthropy, Community Partnerships with Youth