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The YES! Evolving + Emerging Economies Jam

I'm one of many who've come on purpose, to elevate, uplift & expand the multitude of movements working for goodness, truth & beauty, right now. If you want to chat about inspired philanthropy, social enterprise, conscious creative legacies, community organizing, conscious parenting, art & activism, then I want to learn from you & your organization. I can only accept ten engagements per year, so if we must wait a bit (next opening :: Winter 2020), let's co-create something magical. A circle, a festival, a panel of mystics. A spontaneous cafe of diverse movement leaders & everyday angels.  A challenge or initiative expanding on your mission.

We also have a handful of Spirit Strategists, who mastered their own wisdom schools, in practice for at least a decade each, before spending a few years with me. If you are called, they are my own personal council to catalyze genius. Let us know what leadership + medicine keepers reflect your heartwork & community (we trust your knowing completely): channels, womxn of color, activists or CEO's? Male facilitants? Traditional healers or visionaries? Blessed two-spirits? Plant guides, birth workers, tech systems + automated income whisperers? Maybe you need youth organizers, fundraisers, or a contingency plan.

Our community is stacked with real magic.

Of course, this was always going to happen. Mahalo (thank you + aloha) & Mabuhay (vibrant life),



For speaking & facilitation,



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